FMP Ideas – Farms Not Factories

To start considering my FMP and what direction I might take, I wrote a list of my interests and what industries I had direct or indirect access to. This helped me to narrow down subject areas and highlight people I could gain insights from.

I then started brainstorming a list of possible ideas. Some of these I discounted quite quickly and others I spent some time exploring.

One of the main issues/problems I came across during my planning stage was the Instagram account @farmsnotfactories. This is a campaign highlighting the issues of animal welfare on our high streets and in our restaurants predominantly focusing on pigs.

The post that resonated with me the most was their High Street Pig Welfare Survey shown below on their website:


The table gives a score for a number of supermarkets, restaurants, and cafes with a range of 0 to 6 with a shocking number of chain restaurants ranking at the bottom.


After talking to some friends and colleagues I realised that no one else had heard of this campaign or was aware of the bad animal welfare states of many popular chain restaurants. Because of this, I think this could be a good project where I have the opportunity to create an app and or website to make the information more accessible to the public.

Moving forward, I plan to do some more research into other organisations that campaign for animal welfare and share their data on the rankings of supermarkets and restaurants.


(1 -2) Farms Not Factories, Pig Welfare Survey, (2022) available at:

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